Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Ooooo, A FAL... That is a "Finish ALong"

Okey Dokey... this seems just made to order for someone like me.  Well, truth be told, apparently i am not alone, as there are already over 80 linky's for Rhonda's second quarter linky; check it out.  Bloggers can be SO ingenious!  I didn't know about this in the beginning of 2012, but I just found it yesterday, just under the wire.... so I'm signing up.  Here's my list, oldest to newest:-

#1) Ye Olde Bento Box:
The pattern is by Tracie Brookshier.  Here's link to images: Other Bentos  Mine is a biggun: 90'x105.  Not sure how old this is... I had made it for my son & his wife, presented the flimsy as Christmas gift anticipating getting to quilter after the Christmas rush... years ago.  Surely, this one can get a back, sent to long arm quilter, sleeve added, bound & label by the end of June!

#2) Karen Poetzinger rug hooked hot pad:

This is my first, ok my ONLY rug hooked project.  (Photo is wonky as to orientation, sorry.)  Karen, an incredibly accomplished rug hooker, wool dyer and artist, taught a class here long ago.  I took the class, then took forever to finish... and yes, if you look carefully, there is a date in it... 2009... really?  really?  Told you I needed this blogging inspiration!  I just need to bind it.

#3) Bee Skep wall hanging:
This is the first block of a 2012 project in a monthly applique workshop group I have been attending for @ 7 years.  Now, everyone else (who finish their projects) is doing a whole quilt, but I am only doing a couple of the blocks... This one was started March 19, 2012.  I'll add a couple more bees & make it into a pillow.

#4) Hand pieced mini quilt:
Hmm, this one looks a tad over-exposed... still, you get the idea.  It is 9x15.  I took a class April 3, 2012 with Froncie Quinn in hand piecing, and I got the best results I have ever had in those tricky little places where 4 pieces meet.    Here's a site for Froncie's pattern website.  Among other things, like learning a lot about antique quilts, we made a couple of little nine patches in class; I came home, made some more, then added the little borders.  Now it needs to be quilted, bound etc. 
So, a relatively short list, long post tho.  Thanks to Rhonda for her wonderful Finish Along 2012.

Happy Stitching all!  Becky G in NC


Salem Stitcher said...

Nothing like a little group inspiration to get things moving! I like your idea of only doing a few of the applique blocks instead of the whole quilt. I do love that bee skep so!

Karen said...

Oh, so many lovely pieces! I always liked the Bento Box pattern, great fabrics. A very sweet rug hooking, love the colours. The Bee Skep is way too cute and I am loving the mini quilt too!

Nane said...

Only 4? I probably have 40 I could list, but what a great feeling it will be to knock some of these out. I know the recepients of the bed quilt will be tickled to finally have it!

The Thompsons said...

You also have a great list going. Good luck!!

Karen P. said...

SO GLAD you finished your rug. A job well done! It looks great!
Congratulations! Enjoy.

Carrie P. said...

Lots of fun projects. Love your rug.