Sunday, September 2, 2012

Alea's Quilt

Late in June, my sister mentioned that Thally (her step daughter) wanted to use Zinnia colors in the nursery for Alea, her first born, expected in early October.  So I decided to make her a simple little quilt.  I neglected to get a photo when it was completed, but this gives you idea. 
Hopefully, my sister can get a photo for me of the finished top.  We had a shower for Thally August 12 and she was so sweet and delighted by all the hulla-baloo.  And we did have a grand time... lots of folks, fun decorations, tons of super delicious food, and a lovely sweet time when we all gathered and each one slowly, gently, lovingly spoke to Thally from their heart dear warm words.  Many gave her a bead to be put on a bracelet for her to remember by. Family who could not come sent their loving words ahead of time, and so we could read them to her.  Many in attendance had also written something for her.  There were several poems and prayers.  All the written messages were put into a scrapbook for her to take with her and as she gathers cards and other mementos, she can add them. 
It was a another wonderful gathering of family and friends which has deepened our relationships.  I love our family!

Saturday, September 1, 2012

Knitting Finished Object!

This summer I joined a wonderful Ravelry KAL (Knit ALong) to knit Paula Emons-Fuessle's lovely shawlette Piper's Journey.  The group on Ravelry is SingleHanded Knits, if you want to check it out & I recommend you do!  For those who are not knitters, Ravelry is a phenomenal free knitting website (I think over a million members!) which in my opinion is a must have for any knitter... tons of free patterns, great educational resources and a great vehicle for chatting @ all things knitting & crocheting & spinning, fantabulous! Here is Link to Ravelry

Here is link to my project page on Ravelry for this shawl:
My Piper's Journey  (Still having trouble transferring photos from phone... :{{)

This lovely accessory has a crescent shape that lays wonderfully (and securely) around one's shoulders.  Simple and beautiful.  The pattern is well written and the lace border is attached as you knit.  It takes a while because one has to knit 36 (18*2) stitches for each and every stitch on the edge of the shawl, and I had over 248 stitches on the edge. 

My color choices were the same as the lovely lady MSKiKnits who started the ravelry group.  Shameless paint by number knitting!

About a third of a way into the shawl, I realized I really wanted to give it to a friend, Rosemary.  She was a God-send while we were caring for Mom during the February vigil in my sister's home in which we sat with Mom 24/7 ( a great blessing, yet difficult too.)  Rosemary's spirit was hopeful, respectful, encouraging and incredibly loving.  She is a nurse who cares for the elderly and generously shared her amazing knowledge and skill with us.  She often would come at 10:30-11pm and stay until 5AM so we could sleep.  So, I was so happy to make this for Rosemary.  I finished in time to give it to her before she went on retreat with my sister in California, then headed on up to Maine.  I understand she loved it, and wore it all the time.  Happy dance!

It was a wonderful thing to be able to gift this to her.
I hope you too are able to demonstrate your care and appreciation through the work of your hands.  What a joyful blessing!