Tuesday, September 13, 2011


A friend, Mrs. Goodneedle, has used this word "Stewardship" in several different contexts.   (For link to her wonderful blog,click here) One, is a new idea for me: our use of time.  I've always thought of the giving of time to Church or charities as a response to Stewardship campaigns (such as in "Time and Talent" info given to Churches and actual work in committee and service work) but I never connected the dots that how I spend ALL my time falls within the context of Stewardship.  Doesn't this just seem so right though?  Our lives are a gift to us, how we use our time can be an intentional response to that gift.

Some of us are joining our friend as she shares her personal experience in bringing her use of time into this realm of the Spirit.  Periodically, I'll post my response to this journey.  Peace, b

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Mrs. Goodneedle said...

I feel like it's just expected that we, as His children, take the best care that we can of what God has given to us; really, how can we do otherwise? In a word, it all comes down to stewardship.