Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Itza picture time.... Through the Looking Glass Clue 2 Fini!

The Mystery Knit Along pattern is unfolding and I am delighted.  (I will remove the yellowish lace life lines later in the process.)

  In the photo the shawl is accompanied by a lovely illustration by John Tenniel in Lewis Carroll's book and by some of my favorite flowers:

Lavender berries from an America Beautiberry bush: a little clipping from a bush given to me by Pastor Rinn from Augsburg Lutheran here in Winston.   The bush is the child of the mother plant brought by Pastor Rinn when he moved here from Texas.  Not even mentioning the fabulous and startling clussters of lavender berries, one of its most endearing qualities is that the Mockingbirds love the berries!  Mockingbirds do not frequent feeders, so having one singing and snacking at my back door after the leaves are all gone is sweet indeed.

The stems of beautyberry are joined by a sprig of buddleia (butterfly bush); a plant given to me by my adored sister. It is a wonderful jewel-toned complex red violet.  For those who know my Southern Album quilt, you'll recogonize the color.

  And last, and certainly not least, a cluster of blossoms from a valiant old English Rose: Alchemist.  Her citrus and honey fragance drifts arounds corners in a home (or an office!)  The lovely apricot blossoms are the very essence of femininity.... such a delight.  In the spring, the blossoms are frequently 4 inches across resembling a peony more than a rose, which when combined in a vase, flatter each other splendidly.... and aren't they so smart to bloom at the same time?  One Mothers' day, I counted 147 blooms and blossoms on her (lots of her apricot petty coat had to be showing for me to add a bud to the count!)  In the fall, she also has stunning bright, big orange rose hips.  Right now her leaves are almost blemish free... quite an anomalie here in zone 7 since I do not spray and it has been a particularly humid, hot, and did I say long? summer.

So my shawl-in-progress is all dressed up... I am loving getting back into knitting and have had the great good fortune to fall into a wonderful group of gathering-in-public-to-knit ladies who meet a couple times a week!  Yeah!  I am reminded of my friend Mrs. Goodneedle's daily saying... "Life is good!"

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Carrie P. said...

Your shawl is looking good. The flowers are lovely too. Thanks for sharing more info about them. Yes, life is very good.