Tuesday, September 20, 2011

My new companion

I can count on this friend... dependable, predictable, gentle, low-maintenance, effective... what? effective?  yes:
One of my Hop To It blocks had been doused with ice which had fallen into my purse while in the kitchen at Church.  I didn't realize until I got home.  The darkest aqua color ran all over the white back ground.  (When I photographed it, it just looked like a shadow, so didn't include in post.)

Kathleen, my applique guru advised Oxi Clean.  Trusting her implicitly, I bought some.  Generally, I use cold water to remove stains, but the directions advised warm to hot.  I used warm, adding the recommended quantity of the powder, immersed the whole block in the solution and allowed it to sit for maybe 20 minutes.  I rinsed thoroughly (took several times to get the slick feeling out of it.)  I hung it to dry.  Later, after a thorough inspection, I ironed the block (upside down on top of toweling.)  Not even a shadow of the color-run remained.  Now, Oxi Clean has the prized place of honor on my cleaning shelf... my new friend and companion.  I also like that is does not use harmful bleach, but rather enzymes to do its magic: easier on the fabric and no color fade.  I still need to do the research to see how environmentally friendly it is. 

And I have learned a lesson.  I know there is some debate as to whether one ought to wash fabrics prior to sewing with them.  When I buy yardage or fat quarters, I always wash them first, but when I bought kits I have not.  Well, I think that is going to change.  Now, I think I will sort the fabrics in the kit and then gently soak them in the sink for a bit to see if they run before including them in my project.

A happy ending for me.


Carrie P. said...

Oh boy! I am so glad you got the stain out. I usually wash my kits, charms, etc. because I have had that happen to me. Not fun.

Karen said...

I must remember this!

Mrs. Goodneedle said...

I am like you, don't wash "kitted" fabrics ordinarily... food for thought (and future projects)! Thanks, my friend!