Saturday, September 10, 2011

Hop To It: More Blocks

Hope you are enjoying a wonderful week-end... it is still a bit hot here, but absolutely beautiful...

I've taken a couple of photos of earlier Hop To It blocks... so here goes:

Block 1
Block 3
Block 2 photo didn't work, so will post that later...

The Shop Hop was a lot of fun and the stores really did knock themselves out.  I got to all of them & turned in completed passport... Plus I bought tickets for all the Raffle Quilts on display.  So, unless my luck has run out, I out to win SOMETHING!  I'd certainly love one of the machines, as the one I am using now is not computerized, so no needle down... still it sews well, and I am grateful for that!  One of the raffle quilts was hand quilted... so lovely... fingers crossed!

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