Thursday, March 22, 2012


It is so nice being back home.  I have missed my yard; and honestly, if I miss a day's 'morning yard tour' I can't believe how much change happens.  Thought I'd share some of what I found this morning...
Years ago, I bought these cowslips because they reminded me of my Mother's garden.  Her's may have been more of a butter color, but they always remind me of her.
These pansies were planted last fall and are now just bursting out.  I dare say they have also been special treats for the gnawing buggers.  With our mild winter, I imagine we will experience tons-o-bugs this growing season.

Redbuds are one of the first trees to bloom in our area, and one of the first to turn into their fall colors.  That English Ivy (aka "the plant you can not kill") was in the yard when I came.  It is hard to keep in check, and hard to get off the tree trunks without injuring the trees.

BTW, you can see the brand new 6' chain link my back door neighbor just installed to corral his puppies; the old 4' suggestion of a fence would not keep them in.  He was nice & asked me first... I love dogs, and certainly didn't want his to roam and get lost or worse, hurt.  It was clear even a real 4' fence wouldn't keep them in, so I said sure.  Now, this fence is much, much more noticable and shiny, more than I ever imagined; luckily he also took down some trees so that area will get more sun now.  I'll probably plant some annual vines to give some interest this year.  I transplanted volunteer camellia japonicas, but they are small and will take years to grow.

Hope you are enjoying the change of season in your area. I know some are moving into fall as we move into spring.  Happy trails!


Carrie P. said...

Those pansies are so neat. I didn't realize that was what they were until I started reading. So different.
I enjoy walking out around my yard too. So many different things to see during springtime.

Salem Stitcher said...

I do love when the red buds start showing off!