Wednesday, March 28, 2012

A change of plan....

Well, I laid out all the flowers for my hexi quilt thinking I only had one flower and  gazillion connectors to go... what was I thinking?  17 double flowers with one row of connectors using 1" hexi's it not big enough!  So, I've started on more flowers... not sure how many I will end up with.  Here is photo of a 7 hexi flower I did (actually, mine aren't really completed until there are 12 more hexi's for double flower...still, here's photo.) 
First Blooms of my Lady Banks Rose
In addition to this little flower, I made 20 connectors and prepared about 15 more hexis to make more flowers.

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I took all my flowers and connectors to my Bee last night & Anne, a very knowledgeable quilter, helped me make some design decisions.  She has made two Grandmother's Flower garden quilts (one with 0.75" hexi's), and a Dear Jane quilt (in a year mind you!)  Now, I have a better plan for moving forward... for instance, decided not to do half flowers at the edges, but rather use the other brown fabrics in this line to blend, but add a bit of interest.  The upshot of it all is I best push forward with this project so I do not lose interest!

This past week I also almost completed a large applique block I'll make into a wall hanging and made progress on my embroidery Christmas project: photos to follow!

A note about the flowers... this rose, Lady Banks, is an heirloom rose with clusters of tiny yellow blossoms on thornless canes with leaves which seem impervious to the normal pests and diseases of roses.  It only blooms for a relatively short period (and has just started in the last 2-3 days) but it is spectacular as all along the top of the 12 foot long canes will be covered in blossoms!  Great for trellises.  Mine has outgrown its location, in 4 years... think I'll have to prune some this year as it is taking over the blueberry bush next to it.

I'll have to figure out the best time to trim as it is home to bird's nests!  I love the idea of my little backyard neighborhood.  I absolutely get Beatrix Potter's stories... I'm sure there are community dramas amongst the wildlife in my own backyard!

Thanks for stopping by, and happy stitching!


Quilting Chemist (Danette) said...

Your hexie looks beautiful in your Lady Banks rose - I would love to see it in bloom!

Lots of Fabric 2 said...

Cant wait to see you flower garden love the one this week happy quilting

Karen said...

A beautiful flower and a change of plans is just fine. Nice to have Anne around! LOVE the Lady Banks Rose.

Stray Stitches (Linda G) said...

Your flower is precious! We used to have a Mrs Banks rose over our patio and I remember the abundance of blooms and the wonderful scent.

Hilachas said...

Nice flower. I know what you mean about those connectors. You need like a gazillion!