Monday, August 22, 2011

Through the Looking Glass.... KAL Clue 1 completed

Well, you would have thought I had never knit lace as many times as I knit, unknit, reknit this project.   Never the less, part 1 done.  The green-yellow stripes will come out.  They are what are called "life lines."  When knitting a pattern with yarn over's and combination stitches, a defensive move is to periodically run waste yarn through a row of stitches that ends a section which contains no errors.  Then, should one have to rip out, you can safely rip back to a place that has no errors and also maintain the integrity of the stitches and pattern.

So I am ready for Thursday's gathering at Knit Picky for Clue # 2.

O BTW... had a really wonderful visit with my oldest Grand-daughter this past week-end; she is beginning her studies at UNC-Charlotte.  We couldn't be more excited.  She will do well!  I did count the hike up the 10 (yes, ten!) flights of stairs to her dorm room as exercise!
Happy Stitching! 

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