Tuesday, August 2, 2011

One Flower Wednesday... first post

As I mentioned in yesterday's post... I know nothing @ using bloggin applications, so bear with me... or perhaps check back in a month?

Apparently I am easily frustrated... based on this reaction: "O kay... so what's the deal with not being able to format where the photo goes? Also, I saved it as properly rotated, but Blogger doesn't care, it flips it.  Oh this is painful."  (a bit dramatic, but there's the juice!)  I think I better run the demo & get some of my fabulous blogging friends to give me a tutorial.

Well, at anyrate, live & learn (we can only hope!)

So, I have Fig Tree's fabric line called Gypsy Rose in jelly roll, pre cut 10", and some yardage that I've been using for applique.  (When I figure out how, I'll add link or photo of the fabrics I mention.) The jelly roll cut works great with 1" precut hexagon paper templates... so that's what I am using. I've been messing around with different combinations and like the 2 row flowers.  At first I was using the dark coral for all centers, but to enable me to use up more of the fabrics, I decided to be scrappier, with differing values as center, row 1 & then row 2... I most likely will use the darkest value brown fabric that has scroll in green & peach for the connectors to lend resting places for the eye.

Because I have a lot of projects going, I am not confident that I'll consistently get 2 row flowers completed weekly, but I'll at least get a 7 hexi flower completed weekly and try to get several of the second rows done each month.  Adding row 2 almost doubles the sewing... to make the central flower uses 7 hexi's, row 2 adds another 12.

I really do love this English Paper piecing technique using differing colors... it is an adventure as each piece is added.  Thanks for dropping in!


Karen said...

You make me laugh Becky, live and learn for sure. Your flower is just beautiful and I don't mind your photo rotated at all! I look forward to seeing your next flower.

Christina said...

LOVE your flower!! I have been fighting blogger and pictures this morning! I have never had the rotating problems I just had. I gave up and am saving my how-to for another day...when I have a bit more patience to figure it out!!

Birdie said...

Pretty flower, so nice and cheery.

Paula said...

Becky your flower is gorgeous, well done.

Mrs. Goodneedle said...

Terrific! Cheering you on... the progress is not nearly as satisfying as the process; enjoy the journey!

Quilting Chemist (Danette) said...

Your flower is beautiful - love the colors - the two rows of petals looks great! I always have problems with the arrangement of pictures on my blog - now I just show them one at a time instead of side by side.

Teresa Felgueiras said...

Your flower is beautiful.
Don't worry about our "little" problems with blogging. You will learn many things as long as you go. I'm in blogland for less than a year and at first I had to ask my DD to do me about everything...now I can do it all by myself and sometimes I even try new things. Don't worry.

Carrie P. said...

Hi Becky,
thanks for stopping by my blog. I see you have begun blogging again. I have been looking at all the things you been doing. I love doing those hexagon flowers. I worked on some last year but none this year. Maybe I can get mine out again next year. I would like to finish my quilt.
Your flowers are lovely.
Great Hop To It block too. I need to make some bees.
I am gong to add your blog to my list.