Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Sign in for Janaury 2012 Quilt Square Quilt Along

Dear and fun Jo, at Jo's Country Junction is hosting a quilt along in 2012.  Our blocks are only 12" and come from the sweet pattern line by Lori Smith.  So here's my January 2012 posting of my first log cabin ever...  Over the years, I have collected reproduction fabrics, but for some reason rarely use them... so I used them in this block.  Here is a link to Jo's site, so you can see other blocks: Jo's Country Junction Reveal .  Here is website for patterns:  Lori Smith's website
Thanks so much to both of you.  (Once I figure out how to grab a button, I'll add it.)
The flower is a Lenten Rose from my garden.  The tonal violet goes well with the block, I think.  Lenten Roses (hellebores) often have very subtle colors and simple, fragile looking blossoms.  Nature's wisdom is evident in that these delicate flowers bloom when little else blooms here in North Carolina.  These flowers would be over looked in a summer garden with its riot of color. 

For others who love this flower, here is a tip for keeping them after cutting: cut the flower (you can cut a bunch & keep them in water until you are ready to process them them all.)  Dip the lower inch of the stems in just boiled water (read: piping hot... not kidding) then immerse them in tepid water (with flower perservative) up to their "necks" (the flower.)  I use a narrow tall cooler.  Leave them to "condition" over night.  I bet you could leave them until the tepid water got to room temperature.

Last year we used over 125 stems for table decorations for a women's retreat @ church.  We treated all of them like this and NOT A ONE wilted!  They lasted beautifully for over a week.  If you do not have any of these flowers, consider planting them.  Once established, they do fine in dry shade, even here in zone 7!

Hope all is well in your world... thanks for stopping by!


Salem Stitcher said...

I love log cabin but they aren't as easy as they may appear especially ines with as many thin little logs as that one. Yours is lovely and perfect!

Lynn said...

Very pretty block, it is so refreshing also to see flowers this time of year. No flowers are blooming here until the Crocus in the spring. Thanks for sharing.