Sunday, January 27, 2013

Stash Report Week 4 2013

I have fabric... not sure what I was thinking when I bought most of it.  It's getting old, my tastes have changed.  I see scrappy quilts in my future... but 2013 is planned.

In an effort to "stop the madness" I'm tracking 2013's ins & outs.  I'm following Judy Laquidara's system in 2013.  So there's no attempt to record beginning stash, the numbers will be increased by purchases and decreased by COMPLETED projects. This is my first post, so I'll chat about year to date activity.

Used this week: 0
Used year to date: 0
Added this week: 0
Added year to date: 3.7 yards
Net increase in 2013: 3.7 yards

I am in two blocks of the month, so I included those fabrics (completed the blocks too, but as the quilts are not completed, they don't count as used yet.)  I purchased a little over a half a yard to complete the star backgrounds in the quilt I posted about a couple of weeks ago.

The bulk of my additions are these:

In a moment of weakness, I bought a grab bag from Homestead Hearth.  I learned of it from Kathie at Inspired by Antique Quilts.  The service from Homestead was great.  I feel I got a good value; there were numerous fabrics at least 3 inches by the width of fabric.  In the photos the fabrics are folded to show the variety.  I love that there were so many neutrals. I've already used 4 pieces in an applique project and am glad to have the variety.  I also imagine using them in a "leader-ender" tumbler block project using my reproduction fabrics.  I have plenty!

At the risk of becoming an enabler, they also have other categories of grab bag fabrics.  It was funny though that after Kathie posted about the grab bags expected delivery went from a couple of days to a couple of weeks!

In an effort to estimate how much fabric was included, I weighed a one yard piece of quilt shop quality fabric from my stash.  I also weighed my new fabric... using this methodology I figure I added just over 2.75 yards.  

Hmm... now I do have quilts in progress to complete and I have a plan, but if I don't get those buggers completed, I'll add a net of 48 yards in 2013; best get to sewing!

Thanks for stopping by and happy stitching.

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Carrie P. said...

I saw another blogger had gotten the scrap bag. She said it took a while to get to her but it was worth it.