Friday, June 15, 2012

What's on my Needles

Hmm.... I actually did a lot of knitting, but it doesn't look like it... I guess the inches don't add up too much when you've got over 300 stitches per row in laceish fingering weight (Row: 32 stitches per 4 inches, Height: less.)  Plus, I knit the stitches behind the key hole there.
Scalene progress in Blackberries
I made the mistake of counting how many stitches are left.... over 10,000... really?  really?  only 33 more rows tho.  I wish my photo showed the irredescent quality of the MadelineTosh yarns.... so pretty!

Next week's goal.... complete it & start the blocking.
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Have a great week-end... and happy stitches!  b

Friday, June 8, 2012

What's on my needles? Linky to Patchwork Times

Scalene in my Triple Crown Blackberry patch

May was a long month.... but more about that later, perhaps.

 For now, I just want to post @ progress on My Scalene.   I started this on May 1st to participate in Ravelry's MadMay2012....

Obviously, didn't complete by May 31! Still, work continues....the fingering weight yarn is quite tiny and there are lotza stitches!  (it takes 32 stitches to go 4 inches & about as many rows to go up 4"..... )  My goal for this week is to get through the wide stripe in the pattern.  I've made one of the key-holes & the other one is at the end of the wide stripe.

The pattern is by Carina Spencer  Usually I am not a fan of asymmetrical patterns, but there are so many ways to wear this.... (check it out on Ravelry if you can.) The directions are clear so far & there's lots of help on Ravelry for modifications which help to keep the edges even and relaxed; and I love, love, love the yarn... Madelinetosh's Tosh Merino Light in Fathom (darker color) and Blue Gingham (fingering weight.)  You can not see in this photo, but the yarn has real depth of color and almost an iridescence....  

Madelinetosh in my Alchemyst rose

Judi over at Patchwork Times has a little linky party happening to help us stay motivated to keep on keep'n on with our projects.... Thanks so much Judi!