Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Back again!

Well, long time, no see!  Being a CPA, I was swamped for the October 15 final due date for personal tax returns here in the US of A.  We even had some which were filed late!!! Eeeyikes!  This was followed by a complicated corporate real estate transaction... so no blogging, little sewing.

Still, now all's right with the world and I am resuming what I now consider "normal routine;" this includes blogging. 

Now, be warned, I think these photos were taken while I was in a daze, as they are a bit fuzzy...

Oh my gosh.... not only fuzzy, but where o where was my iron?
I also want to share with you all my mostest favoritest paper clips... they are rectangular, with a heart of sorts in the middle.  They are shorter than the normal "trombone" shaped clips, so they stay out of my way.  They are also a bit wider, so they hold my fabric a bit more secure.  One can get them at most office supply stores.  Hope you can give them a try sometime!

You can check out other folks hexi postings at Karen's One Flower Wednesday page on her fab web site Journey of a Quilter  Don't forget to click on her page One Flower Wednesday (different than sign in page) for fantabulous tutorials which ensure elegant and wonderful hexi flowers.  Thanks Karen!
Hope you are all well.  See you next week!


Quilting Chemist (Danette) said...

Your flowers are always so pretty! I'm going to try those paper clips, thanks for the tip.

Hilachas said...

Pretty flowers. Good paper clip idea. Thanks.

Karen said...

Welcome back, so you are off to a fuzzy start! LOL. I think I have a few of those paper clips in my desk, I must go look.

Shaz said...

Like your flowers, I wonder if the paperclip idea works well !?

Carrie P. said...

I am sure you are going to be really really busy very soon.
Those are cool clips. Never seen them before. I do use that technique too,using paper clips to start with.